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    Metallurgical Applications

    • Using On Load Tap Changers
    • The OLTC’s select taps on regulating winding on the furnace transformer
    • A separate auto transformer is provided and the output tap is selected by OLTC.
    • In the auto transformer control there are two construction variants :
    • 1. All in one tank
    • 2. Furnace in one and auto + OLTC in other
    Manufacturing Range
    • Both single phase and three phase versions.
    • Self regulating winding type
    • Regulation by separate auto transformer
    • Primary voltage : 3.3/ 6.6 / 11/ 22/ 33 KV
    • Secondary voltage: as per process requirement
    • KVA range – 1 phase 500 KVA to 18000 KVA 3 phase 1000 KVA to 60000 KVA
    Mains frequency
    These are used for melting of metal however recently the secondary supply of specified voltage is directly fed to the induction furnace coil.
    Medium frequency

    The secondary is fed to a rectifier inverter combo which increase the frequency to medium frequency at designe d voltages which then is fed to the furnace. We make all desired types including special ones like the 12 pulse, 24 pulse versions. The various combination are :

    • Single transformers with 2 LVs (star & delta)
    • Two transformers in one tank to give 12 pulse output
    • Four transformers in one tank to give 24 pulse output.
    Voltage : 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33KV KVA : 250 KVA to 16000 KVA Inverter output – 6 pulse, 12 pulse and 24 pulse.
    Mains frequency
    This is a process to refine the steel melt (obtained generally from Direct Arc furnaces). This transformer can be at 50 cycles or higher frequencies (where rectifier inverter combo is used). Mahati make Laddle Transformers range- Voltage: 3.3, 6.6, 11, 22, 33KV KVA : 1000KVA to 15000KVA
    This is a modern and special steel manufacturing processor for high quality steel required in special application like nuclear, missile, battle tank, Ships etc.  
    The electrical equipment consists of a high current single phase transformer which in our manufacturing program and a very sensitive high current and medium voltage regulator which has a moving brush on the LV helical winding giving a very fine voltage control. Range:- up to 40KA secondary current
    D.C Arc
    Mahati’ with an experience of over 45 years has achieved efficiency, confidence and expertise in manufacturing transformers for a varied range of operations & utilities –
    • Interconnection/Network transformers in Distribution and transmission areaAuto transformers
    • Hermetic power & distribution transformers
    • HVDC converter transformers
    • Transformers for SVC (static variation compensation)
    • Reactors
    • Trackside transformers for railways (traction)
    • Earthing transformers
    • Rectifier transformers
    • Booster transformers
    • Marine transformers
    • Phase shifting transformers
    • Motor starting reactors
    • Current limiting and shunt reactors
    • Crane transformers
    • Wind form step up transformers
    • Inductor transformers