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    • Steel industries
    • Sugar Factories
    • Auto Industries
    • Military engineering services
    • All HV & EHV consumers
    • State electricity boards
    • Co-genertion plants

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    Distribution Transformers

    All standard accessories along with necessary spares are provided.Range:- KVA rating : 100 KVA to 2000 KVA (11/22/33 KV class)conventional oil filled distribution transformers dry type distribution transformers special 4 star rating low loss distribution transformers medium voltage power consumers like auto industries, SEZs, residential schemes, hospitals, universities, laboratories, cement industries, forging industries, malls, military, navy and other government national important bodies.

    With increasing importance of safety and environmental aspect in modernized and compact commercial applications, Dry type transformer demand is increasing. There is no oil used in the Dry type transformers. A special type of fire resistant insulation is used to reduce the fire risk considerably. Major application areas — Mining, hotels, high rise buildings, hospitals, malls, shipping.
    Mahati has following two types of dry type transformers to offer:
    • cast resin
    • vacuum impregnated
    Mahati make dry type transformers are now in use for over five years. Range:- KVA rating : 100KVA to 5000KVA (36KV class).