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Saturday May 08

Group Activities

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  • Transformers up to 100 MVA, 220KV class
  • Special Metallurgical Furnace Transformers
  • Series & Shunt Reactors
  • Dry Type Transformers (Both Resin Cast & Vacuum Impregnated)
  • Specialized electrical testing equipment for large generators
  • Water Load Tanks up to 6 MVA, 11KV.
  • Mobile sub-stations.


  • Turnkey EHV Substations upto 400 KV.
  • Turnkey installation E & M package of Hydro Electric Projects ( completed 7500 MW)
  • E.P.C. of Small Hydro Electric Projects upto 25 MW.
  • Turnkey Agro Waste , Diesel, Gas based Co-generation Power plants.
  • Hotline washing and hot line activities upto 220 kV / 400 kV.
  • Infrared thermography services.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Hydro Projects.

Repairing / Refurbishment

  • Refurbishment / repairs of transformers upto 100 MVA, 220 KV.
  • Refurbishment / repairs of Generators upto 150 MW, 11 KV.
  • Refurbishment / repairs of Hydro Turbine & generators.


  • Transformer from 100 KVA to 16 MVA, 132 kV.
  • Water Load Tanks (200 kW to 6000 kW in all voltage classes upto 11 kV)
  • Flux test set consisting of transformer and cable for large hydro machine stators.
  • AC HV test kit 0 - 100 kV, 450 KVA.
  • Polymerization equipment for large Hydro Stators.
  • Rectiformer sets for stator dry-out.
  • Substation equipments.

Power Projects

Over 4 decades, Mahati Electrics has emerged as a major contracting company undertaking works at Hydro,Thermal .....


 Mahati has a strong foothold amongst ferro alloys and steel industries in India and Africa.

Switch Yards

Experienced and skilled workforce at Mahati
Electrics has successfully placed Mahati group as a leading contractor.....

Power Transformers

Transformer division of Mahati Electrics began operation over 40 years ago.......

Mahati Electrics

An ISO Certified Power Sector Company since 1967.

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