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Saturday May 08

Renovation & Upgradation

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  •  Renovation and upgradation of hydro machines.
  • Renovation of old hydro turbines by totally dismantling of unit, repair, modification or replacing of old turbine parts, sand blasting & painting of water conduit system, welding of runner and guide apparatus parts replacing.
  • Up-gradation of old generators by dismantling the machine and rewinding with special ‘F’ class insulation and necessary modifications.
  • White mettaling, re-machining and setting of bearings by scrapping etc.
  • Special type of electrical machines like H.T. motors, synchronous condensers of large capacities.

Power Projects

Over 4 decades, Mahati Electrics has emerged as a major contracting company undertaking works at Hydro,Thermal .....


 Mahati has a strong foothold amongst ferro alloys and steel industries in India and Africa.

Switch Yards

Experienced and skilled workforce at Mahati
Electrics has successfully placed Mahati group as a leading contractor.....

Power Transformers

Transformer division of Mahati Electrics began operation over 40 years ago.......

Mahati Electrics

An ISO Certified Power Sector Company since 1967.

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